Dermaplaning in The Woodlands, TX

Dermaplaning treatment uses a surgical scalpel to scrape away the top layer of skin. This exfoliation method eliminates dull, dead skin cells and reveals a brighter, smoother complexion. While the 10-gauge blade may sound scary, dermaplaning is safe and effective when performed by a trained professional.

Dermaplaning Treatment

This popular cosmetic treatment is a favorite among models and actresses. Entertainers turn to dermaplaning because it also eliminates peach fuzz. The layer of fine, short facial hairs that cake up in makeup. High-definition cameras and harsh production lighting can enhance peach fuzz. To combat this problem, dermaplaning is performed to get rid of facial hair and dead skin cells, creating a flawless canvas.

Furthermore, dermaplaning treatment allows for greater product penetration. Your skin care professional may use dermaplaning before procedures like chemical peels and laser treatments.

Dermaplaning versus Microdermabrasion

Are you trying to decide whether or not to do dermaplaning or microdermabrasion? Both treatments involve exfoliation, but each approach is different. Traditional microdermabrasion uses an abrasive wand to sand and suction away dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion also clears clogged pores around the mouth, chin, and nose.

On the other hand, dermaplaning gently scrapes off the surface layer of skin. It is perfect for the treatment of drier or more sensitive skin types. Dermaplaning is also an effective way to eliminate peach fuzz. Both microdermabrasion and dermaplaning treatments are good for just about anyone. It all comes down to personal preference.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

Almost everyone can benefit from dermaplaning except clients with acne-prone skin. If you suffer from cystic acne, you must not have any active breakouts when receiving this treatment. Make sure to let your skincare provider know about any skin allergies or sensitivities before trying dermaplaning.

If you are pregnant or nursing, dermaplaning will allow you to exfoliate your skin safely. There is no threat of harsh chemicals getting absorbed and possibly entering the baby’s bloodstream.

The dermaplaning exfoliation method is pain-free. The procedure and sensation can be compared to shaving your legs. Except the treatment is performed on your facial skin.

First, the treatment area will be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Then, the skin will be pulled taut. A sterile 10-gauge blade will be positioned at a 45-degree angle. With swift, short motions, your skincare provider will scrape off peach fuzz, dry skin, and dead cells.

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