Hydrodermabrasion in The Woodlands, TX

It appears that the popular skin treatment, microdermabrasion has some new competition. The latest way to eliminate dead skin cells, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots is hydrodermabrasion. This treatment comes with less irritation and pain than with the original diamond-tipped microdermabrasion tool. Instead, the new technology uses oxygen and moisture to exfoliate skin effortlessly.

The Benefits of Hydrodermabrasion

The advantages of hydrodermabrasion are that there is no risk of irritation, and your skincare provider can treat the skin when it is best able to penetrate products. In short, your skincare professional can deliver specific products that are tailored to the needs of each individual. For example, someone with acne-prone skin may receive salicylic acid and others with age-related concerns may get vitamin C.

What’s more, this state-of-the-art treatment combines the benefits of microdermabrasion with glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid. The result is optimal exfoliation, regeneration, and hydration. This new, cutting-edge treatment restores, rejuvenates, and refines our client’s skin.

The Hydrodermabrasion Process

With hydrodermabrasion, there are three steps to achieving a glowing complexion:

  1. Exfoliation with a Crystal-Free Tool
    The hydrodermabrasion tool uses a saline solution and oxygen, instead of a diamond head nozzle. It effortlessly lifts away layers of dead skin and cells when applied to the skin surface. As a result, the skin is smooth, clean, and clear without any discomfort or pain. In addition, since there is no abrasion, there is no risk of micro-scarring.
  2. Hydrodermabrasion with Glycolic Acid
    Then, the next step is to blast the treated skin with glycolic acid. The liquid blast will provide deeper exfoliation, refine pores, and stimulate the production of new skin cells.
  3. Hyaluronic Acid Infusion
    The glycolic acid blast is followed by an infusion of hyaluronic acid. This step hydrates, calms, soothes, and plumps the skin.
How Often Should I Get a Hydrodermabrasion Treatment?

To achieve optimal results, three hydrodermabrasion treatments are recommended. Each should be performed ever 2–4 weeks to maintain the best skin health.

Keep in mind, hydrodermabrasion is not as abrasive or as penetrating as microdermabrasion. Therefore, the treatment is not as effective as exfoliating skin. However, this new approach also does not result in redness and irritation, like traditional microdermabrasion.

Clients with sensitive skin might not do well with heavy exfoliation; therefore, this gentler option is much better. In addition, hydrodermabrasion is a skin-glowing treatment to help you look your best for a major event.

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